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  • Raven Reset Retreat-Canebrake
    Jan  6 - 7 2024
    The Canebrake Resort & Spa, 33241 E 732nd Rd, Wagoner, OK 74467, USA

    Join Nicole Peltier and the Raven staff for 2 full days to reset your self care, reboot your yoga practice, recalibrate your breath, and recharge your life. All inclusive yoga retreat at the beautiful Canebrake Resort & Spa on Fort Gibson Lake, OK. Retreat pass includes resort lodging, chef-curated gourmet meals, world class yoga offerings, Enneagram Workshop with Callyn Francisco, Soundbath and Breathwork. Bring your New Year intentions and set your new life path in motion.

    Misty Love will be offering her incredible crystal bowl soundbath.
    Callyn will be offering an Enneagram Workshop: For many people, the New Year is a time for reflection and redirection.   Paper and pens will be provided, but feel free to bring a journal if you’re a note taker.
    * You do not have to know what your enneagram is before attending this workshop. 

    Available for free or donation:  Auricular Acupuncture : Auricular Acupuncture was developed to provide relief from addiction but has been found to do so much more.  The 5 points work together to help the individual feel calm and balanced. It helps to detoxify the body physically and emotionally by decreasing feelings of fear and anger and even grief.
    Many report feeling calm, and less pain.
    I hope you will Lend Me Your Ear @ The Canebrake for Raven Yoga Nation with Nicole in January 2024.

    Deposit $100 to save your spot.
    $333 includes lodging, yoga, all meals and workshops. Spa experiences are optional and priced separately.

    Enroll Here

About Nicole

Nicole Peltier has been teaching her eclectic, musically motivated, creative yoga classes for over 23 years to all ages and levels. Nicole draws a lively following of teens and young people who are inspired by her young, fresh attitude and easy to follow instruction. Being "mature" also makes Nicole an ideal teacher who inspires students well over thirty to let down their hair and rock without reservation and with a focus on meditative moments that surround us.  The Yoga Room, Tulsa's first yoga studio, was opened in 2001 by Nicole and her partner, so she is considered the OG of Yoga in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She has a wildly passionate heart and her energy is contagious. She is truly inspirational and her classes leave the students with a fresh perspective and usually take the student much further than they expect to go. And, for that reason, her classes are called "an experience". She focuses on the energy yoga arouses when combined with music, that is part of how she connects the students to joy, movement and childlike freedom.  Also, since Nicole's discovery into her own recovery she developed her own 'Raven Yoga for Freedom', (Trademarked in 2016) which addresses the issue of addiction, fear and emotional blocks. Nicole also leads a nondenominational Sunday Yoga Service with gospel and worship that she calls "All Rise Yoga Service". Nicole studied at Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz in 2000, and has studied extensively to hone her craft.  She spent 2022 studying Shamanism with a local shaman and incorporates shamanic practices into her classes.  Nicole has taught at Fayetteville Yoga Fest (4 years), Telluride Yoga Fest (2 years), Farm Fest (Shreveport)(2 years), OKC Yoga Fest, IAM Yoga Fest (4 years), Big Om Yoga Fest (2 years) and she has lead at the Big Om Retreat 12 seasons. She also has several modules she offers for yoga teacher trainings. She teaches Cueing, Voice Control and Flow Tactics to budding new yoga instructors. She continues to travel all over the world offering yoga classes, retreats and ceremonial offerings. Scroll to bottom to view menu of offerings if you are interested in hosting Nicole at your studio or event center. 

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  • Yoga Birthday Party
  • Bridal Shower 
  • Baby Shower
  • Art Gallery Opening
  • Team Building -Staff Retreats 
  • College Athletes- Football, Basketball, Cheerleading and Drill Teams, Rowing, Soccer 
  • Family Reunion
  • Corporate Events

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Raven Yoga Nation is a movement toward freedom, joy and truth. Nicole has been offering her creative, inspiring, transformative yoga for over 22 years to communities all over the globe. Join the movement by attending a retreat, festival or event. Rock your body- Free your soul!

Rock'n Raven Yoga

     Rock Your Body, Free Your Spirit, Transform Your Life!

Tap into your joy, rhythm, power and purpose from the call and “Kawwwww” of your wild heart. This edgy, beat-based yoga practice will inspire you to move, let go, let in, and set yourself free. Outta-da-box and out of the cage we fly, yoga style, to a higher view of ourselves and into a deep place in our soul.  Also, get ready to BREATHE folks, this is beat-based breathwork as well. The whole experience is a full on passion ride. All levels, all styles, all genres of music, all bodies are welcome.

All is coming. 

Yoga Church:

"All Rise" Yoga Service:

Love is the mission of this offering. Join us in a playful, devotional yoga flow. Expect to hear spiritual yoga tunes and Gospel music. Get ready to move with inspiration, devotion and passion. This will be a spiritual ( IN-Spired ), all-levels class, all styles, all ages. This is nondenominational, all beliefs are welcome (or absence of any belief). We only accept everyone, so come one, come all. Also, just for fun, we invite you to wear your Sunday Best, i.e., white-ish yoga wear, a dress over your yoga clothes, etc. 


Raven Yoga for Freedom:

Is there something you wish to shed, release, or change at this time in your life? Even the littlest shift can have the biggest effect. This class works with music, breath and movement to encourage change on a level that moves from the mat and into lifestyle choices.  Beginner level yoga postures are practiced to express feelings, beliefs and old paradigms.  Enjoy familiar music, simple poses & inspiration. Prepare to release "the issues from the tissues"(Nikki Myers) and get inspired to retrieve the passion, purpose and dreams that may have been left behind. Prepare for the great SHIFT. See more information at


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Festival Classes

  • Raven Yoga-Rock Your Body, Free Your Spirit & Transform Your Life (active)
  • Hip Hop Hatha (active)
  • Prince & The Transformation (active)                               
  • Raven Yoga For Freedom (mellow)
  • The TOOL Experience (active)
  • LIVE Yoga (with live music)(active or mellow)
  • All Rise Yoga Service (gospel and worship)
  • The Dance of the Goddess (off the mat primal movement, dance and drumming)
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Primal Movement Experience

Tap into your ancient knowing of movement and sound. No mats required, just bring your soul. The tribal music will activate your rhythm and Nicole will guide you. Bring your drums and shakers to call in whenever you want to add to the sound. Wear your tribal, natural, flowy dance gear. Wake up your wild within. Men and women, Gods and Goddess UNITE.